Make It Yours: The Cassis & Rose

A quick sip of this ruby coloured cocktail brings a certain sense of familiarity. The taste of cassis, also known as blackcurrant, is reminiscent of Ribena, that much-loved childhood treat.

While the soft drink is mostly sweet and linear in taste, the Cassis & Rose is its own tasteful grown-up version. The familiar tangy sweetness of the cassis is encapsulated in a deliciously complex tipple that rounds off with a floral aroma of roses, and finishes with a lingering smokiness.

With Suntory Chita Whisky at its heart, it imbues the buttery notes in this cocktail, and pulls all the various flavours together harmoniously. The result is a cocktail that is luscious in both colour and flavour.

The gift of love and cocktails

With such an alluring appeal, the Cassis & Rose is arguably the most romantic cocktail in the PONY lineup. It makes for an excellent and clever gift for a loved one, a welcome alternative to chocolates and flowers. 

As a Signature cocktail from PONY, the Cassis & Rose is an original flavour handcrafted by bartenders from Jigger & Pony. Find your own perfect way to enjoy this tipple – be it as an opener to your next cocktail party, that special staycation you've been planning for, or even as a celebration cocktail at the end of a workout. The sky's the limit! 


Cassis & Rose


Suntory Chita Whisky, Merlet Creme de Cassis, Cinzano Extra Dry, Haku Vodka, rose water, Bowmore 12 Scotch Whisky

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