Introducing The Manhattan

The Manhattan is an ageless classic. Harking back to the 1880s, it remains one of the most popular cocktails in the world today, favoured for its distinctive blend of aromatic and sweet flavours.

The cocktail calls for a mix of American whiskey (early recipes call for rye, but bourbon is also used today) with sweet vermouth and bitters. One of the earliest cocktails to incorporate sweet vermouth, the Manhattan predates even the martini.

Similar to the martini, the Manhattan is best kept very cold and served up in a martini glass. However, where the martini requires a certain flair and finesse, the Manhattan is an easier, less finicky cocktail.

As with all PONY bottled cocktails, the Manhattan requires no additional garnish. However for those looking to sweeten the Manhattan drinking experience, PONY has launched Black Cherries. Inspired by the classic maraschino cherry garnish in a Manhattan, premium black cherries from the US are pitted and soaked in sweet Amarena syrup for a heady, juicy pop of flavour. Each jar retails at $15.

 The Manhattan cocktail

How to enjoy PONY's Manhattan

  1. PONY cocktails are proudly shelf-stable, due to its high alcohol content, and because we do not use fresh fruit in our recipes. Simply keep your PONY Manhattan in a cool, dry place if you are not planning to consume it just yet.
  1. Plan ahead. If it’s time for you to crack open the bottle, we recommend keeping it in the freezer so the cocktail can be served very cold. If the cocktail has frozen, let it thaw before serving.
  1. Chill your glasses. To ensure the cocktail stays cold longer, we recommend chilling your glasses in the fridge. Alternatively, you may fill the glasses with ice water.
  1. If you have a jar of PONY’s Black Cherries, skewer a cherry on a cocktail pick and serve together. Trust us – it will help the flavours of the Manhattan to really pop.
  1. Lastly, the best cocktails are the ones we have together! The Manhattan is always best enjoyed with great company. Cheers.


PONY's Manhattan


Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky, Cinzano Rosso, Fabbri Amarena, rose water

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