Introducing PONY

We are truly excited to launch PONY, a new premium bottled cocktail brand that takes our bar to your home. The inspiration for PONY was sparked during the Circuit Breaker from mid-March to mid-June 2020. F&B businesses were closed during Singapore’s version of lockdown, imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We had to pivot our bars to online deliveries – and to our surprise, we discovered an enthusiastic audience for cocktails outside of the bars. Consumers were not only buying cocktails for themselves, but also gifting them to reaffirm connections with people they care about.

We realised that the pandemic has made us yearn for closer human connections. Consumers have kick-started a relationship economy in which they seek out brands that help them to enrich the relationships and connections that truly matter.

Introducing PONY bottles

In creating PONY, we aim to enliven your social gatherings with conviviality and laughter, and to elevate your messages of love, care and solidarity to the people you cherish. To that end, Bar Programme Director Aki Eguchi and Principal Bartender Gento Torigata have matched their creativity with rounds of rigorous R&D. Only the best ingredients, thought and craftsmanship go into every bottle of PONY.

  • We use only premium spirits to celebrate the heart of every cocktail, formulated at higher ABV (alcohol by volume) levels to minimise flavour dilution.
  • Housemade natural citrus essences are blended into the cocktails to make sure our cocktails taste great on their own, without needing to seek out additional garnishes.
  • Whimsical labels - each an ode to the craft of cocktails – make great conversation starters while conveying the premium feel and character of your PONY cocktail.
  • We chose elegant, slender bottles with easy-to-open twist-caps. They are convenient to store in home fridges and ready to be served whenever a convivial moment is needed.

Our launch collection features two core lines. The Classic series showcases timeless flavours and cocktails with the Negroni and Old Fashioned, while the Signature series kicks off with the elegant Sakura Martini. We will be launching new cocktail flavours in the coming weeks and months, so do check back on our website and follow us on social media, @ponycocktails.


Guoyi Gan & Indra Kantono
Co-founders of PONY


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