In Full Bloom: The Sakura Martini

Every spring, Japan lights up in a sea of pink and white with the blooming of the cherry blossom, or sakura. A much adored season, the sakura is symbolic of renewal and the fleeting nature of life and beauty – inspiring popular hanami sakura viewing parties in Japan. 

This beautiful flower takes prominence in the Sakura Martini, with its distinctively floral note and more visibly, actual sakura flowers floating within. The most popular cocktail in PONY's current collection, the Sakura Martini is the only cocktail with its own garnish.

Sakura Martini


A big component of the Sakura Martini is premium Japanese craft gin, Roku, which features six unique Japanese botanicals. This includes the sakura leaf and flower that's harvested only one week in the year and handpicked at its peak. 

Enjoy with life and laughter

At your next cocktail party, bring out the good stuff. The Sakura Martini will certainly be the highlight of the evening. Here are some tips for serving this cocktail:

pouring sakura martini
Perfecting the pour
Tip #1: The Sakura Martini is best served very cold, so we recommend keeping it in the freezer before serving. Don't panic if the martini freezes (it's happened!), just pop it back in the fridge and let it sit for a bit.
Tip #2: Before opening, it is particularly lovely to flip the bottle to see the sakura flowers floating —mesmerising.
Tip #3: We like to get a flower in with each serve. It can be a little challenging to get the timing just right, but a confident pour usually helps.
Tip #4: Martini glasses would be nice, but really, any glass will do.

Clink your glasses, and drink together.. and enjoy with life and laughter.


sakura martini in hand

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