December Cocktail Launch: Chocolate Boulevardier

We wrap up the year 2020 with the launch of our new signature cocktail, the Chocolate Boulevardier.

This signature tipple is a twist on a classic Boulevardier - a cocktail that bears resemblance to the Negroni, but uses whisky in place of gin. A strong and bittersweet cocktail, the Boulevardier's flavours are reminiscent of a delicious dark chocolate. 

With this thought, bartenders Aki and Gento decided to pair the two, using chocolate bitters and cocoa nibs that add warmth and complexity to this cocktail.

Perfect for the festive season, the Chocolate Boulevardier is both a celebratory and a comforting drink. With flavours everyone will enjoy, this cocktail is ideal for sharing at the dinner table - a comforting blend of flavours to accompany moments of conviviality and laughter with loved ones.

The bottle carries the message "A jigger for you and a pony for me" on its label, referencing again the double-coned bar tool that Jigger & Pony is named after. Used by bartenders to accurately pour out spirits, the jigger measures the larger portion and the pony, the smaller. "A jigger for you and a pony for me" is thus a message of sharing, and sharing generously at that.

At the heart of the Chocolate Boulevardier, we use premium spirit Chita Whisky. A mild, smooth single grain whisky with a clean clear finish, it carries with it a roasty, barley-like note. This complements perfectly with the chocolate tones in this cocktail.

Chocolate Boulevardier



Suntory Chita Whisky, Cinzano Rosso, Campari, chocolate bitters, cocoa nibs, orange essence

"A jigger for you and a pony for me"

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Chocolate Boulevardier pair

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